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Roots powerhouse duo The Small Glories are Cara Luft & JD Edwards, a musical tour-de-force partnership planted on the Canadian Prairies.  Thrown together purely by accident for an anniversary show at Winnipeg’s venerable West End Cultural Centre, The Small Glories is a partnership that could almost make you believe in fate. Their performances leave one breathless.

Straight out of the gate these two veteran singer/songwriters built an international buzz around their tight harmonies, emotional authenticity, explosive live performances and equally well-matched guitar prowess.  Luft packs a mean banjo as well.  Many know Cara as a founding member of country/folk sweethearts The Wailin’ Jennys.  In this new project, it's clear that JD just might be her musical soul mate.

The Winnipeg Free Press asks, "can two singer-songwriters be better than one? Yes, emphatically, yes, if the two in question are Cara Luft and JD Edwards... It’s our loss they didn’t [join forces] sooner... It’s magic.” Fairport Convention drummer Dave Mattacks captures them perfectly: "Think The Civil Wars but less pretentious, with better songs and more guts."  Americana UK writes, “some things just work together: the Lennon and McCartney syndrome – and to witness a performance by The Small Glories is a rare opportunity to experience that indefinable quality that creates perfection... ”

Their 2016 debut album “Wondrous Traveler” is steeped in classic song structure, delivering instantly appealing melodic Americana with first-rate playing.  The album was nominated for two Canadian Folk Music Awards, found its way onto many critic’s Top 10 lists across North America and Europe, and the duo are finding themselves on stages from London to Philadelphia, Vancouver to Australia and beyond.  TSG's sophomore album comes out in early 2019.

Luft and Edwards are two traveling souls that may have taken a while to finally find each other, but it’s damn lucky for us their paths crossed.”

— Grayowl Point

Photo credit: Mike Latschislaw

Photo credit: Mike Latschislaw

The Small Glories are the ultimate: two amazing solo performers who somehow manage to melt into one entity, creating incredible harmonies that still raise the hairs on the back of my neck as I write.”

— Jennifer Ives, AD, Live from the Rock Music Festival



"[Luft's] amiable vocals and simplistic, lush instrumentation follow that of the long honored folk tradition with a modern twist. Lyrically [she] is like fresh linen on a Brooklyn clothesline. Her writing [is] redemptive, earthy and rooted in realism…. Darlingford conjures visions of blooming flowers in an apocalyptic wasteland, gold flaked tumbleweeds on the Trans-Canadian highway at dawn and a glimpse into the fractured and glowing soul of a talented writer and performer."



“Co-founder of the vocal trio The Wailin' Jennys, The Light Fantastic has a more rock-and-roll bent. But even with a more hard-edged veneer the basic sweetness of Luft's songs shines through. Original compositions are spiced with Celtic and Anglo/Canadian inflections that harken to her folk roots. If you liked the Jennys' first two releases, you'll love this.”



"It can’t be done, so don’t even try to turn away from the affecting insistence of Canada’s Luft who sings like an angel named Joni or Alanis..."



"Luft is the perfect blend of lightness and gutsy rock chick.”



“Yes, Luft is a Wailin’ Jennys founder but so much more too, head and shoulders above most. Think Julie Miller meets Gillian Welch on a lot of this, with an occasional bit of Linda Thompson tossed in.”  



“Darlingford is so much more than anything Luft has done before... she turns a bit of personal tragedy into songwriting gold, exploring themes of love, loss, faith, recovery and choosing a new direction with lyrical aplomb and a near-perfect understanding of musical setting, mood and composition. It is easily one of the finest collections to cross this desk in 2012, and can be nothing less than a Wildy’s World Certified Desert Island Disc. 5 stars"



"Cara's record [The Light Fantastic] is great, real, and heartfelt - as she is. No fluff or extra notes - just the good stuff!"  



"I am SO lucky to know [JD Edwards]... he's one for the books - a great talent, a lovely guy, and he has a killer band.  If he's not booked for your club, coffeehouse, concert series or festival, just GET ON IT!!"


JAMES KEELAGHAN, AD, Summerfolk Festival

“If you want a band of perfect gentlemen who will rock your weekend look no further than the JD Edwards band. Fantastic songwriting, tons of energy, they are like The Band for the 21st century!”


JOHN SCOLES, Owner, Times Change(d) High and Lonesome Club

“The most soulful yet house-rockin’ band in town, hands down!…Better get here early, they always pack the joint.”


RICHARD NEUFELD, GM, Blue Sky Opportunities

“…when I heard [the JD Edwards Band] at the Winnipeg Folk Festival (2013), the power went out on stage and the band just kept playing/jamming as if nothing happened…when the power came on they finished the song. I thought, any band that can pull that off I want to hire!”